29 July 2013


This weekend my boyfriend and I set off on a road trip to Pembroke in Wales to visit his family, with us we took my little brother Ross and our beloved cat Pearl!

So half way on our journey Pearl started kicking up a fuss. Under my firm grip and watchful eye I let her out of her carry case. Pearl seized this opportunity to 'be a little more dog' see photos below to explain! 

Following my love for the BBC's latest drama The White Queen it seemed fitting that we visited Pembroke Castle (King Henry VII grew up here). With a guided tour for £1.50 it was a total bargain and such a good day out in the sun, I highly recommend if ever in Pembroke!

Following this and some yummy refreshments I couldn't resist a quick browse in one of the antique centres where my magpie eye spotted some real beauties! 

To finish the weekend off we hit one of the beautiful beaches which Ross loved! 

I had such a lovely weekend I only wish our visit was for longer. Especially as the boyf's Mum is an UNREAL cook and every meal tastes like heaven! 

Hope your weekend was just as lovely! J x